Monday, November 26, 2012

Corporate Industrial Session: Lighting Diagram & Pre-Production Notes

Here are my lighting diagram and pre-production notes for an indoor photo session taking place this Wednesday, December 28th at Dawson's Mech Tech Department. The objective of this assignment is to execute a full-length portrait of an machinery operator in his workspace to be used on a company website or the like. My subject for this assignment is a graduating student from the program. 

Pre-Production Notes:
    • What type of available light will I be encountering? What is my intention in terms of how I plan to use the available light? I will be shooting indoors under fluorescent lighting.
    • What is the reason for my lens choice? I will be using a wide angle lens in order to capture the subject full-length, as well as some of the background elements. 
    • What aperture do I plan to use and why? Explain! I will use a wide aperture to maximize the amount of light coming in the camera.
    • What shutter speed do I plan to use and why? Explain! As slow as I can without getting blur (probably approx. 1/60sec).
    • Do I have enough available light to achieve these camera settings? Yes.
    • Do I have enough strobe to achieve these settings? Yes, in fact, I may have to be careful that my strobes are not too strong. 
    • Are there any technical problems that will need to be addressed at the shoot or in post-production? I will definitely need to address and control the color of the fluorescent lights by using green gel filters.   
    • What equipment will I need for the shoot?
      • camera + lens
      • tripod
      • light meter
      • external drive
      • radio slave
      • synch cord for tethered shooting
      • laptop
      • 2 flash heads
      • extension cords
      • 2 softboxes
      • 1 reflector
      • 2 stands
      • grey card
      • green gel filters
      • neutral density filters
      • sandbags

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