Thursday, October 18, 2012

Outdoor Photo Session: Lighting Diagram & Pre-production

Here are my lighting diagram and pre-production notes for an outdoor photo session taking place this Saturday, October 20th on Dawson College's campus.

The objective of this assignment is to execute a full-length portrait of a person from Dawson, fictitiously intended for use by a Canadian magazine featuring a "People of Dawson" spread. My subject for this assignment is Trevor Williams, currently the head coach of the Dawson College Women's AAA basketball team, and former member of the Canadian national men's basketball team.

Pre-Production Notes:

  • What type of available light will I be encountering? What is my intention in terms of how I plan to use the available light? I will be shooting outdoors in the early morning with a little bit of shade from surrounding large trees. I will use the available daylight as my fill light. 
  • What is the reason for my lens choice? I will definitely be using a wide angle lens in order to capture a full-length photograph and a give a sense of the background elements. 
  • What aperture do I plan to use and why? Explain! I will try to use an aperture f/8 to get some depth of field, but not too much. Also, because I will attempt an action shot, I need a high shutter speed, so I will probably have to increase the ISO and I'll be limited with my aperture to maintain sharpness. As such, I don't think I'll be able to increase the shutter speed beyond f/8.
  • What shutter speed do I plan to use and why? Explain! As fast as I can because I will attempt an action shot, and I don't want it to be too blurry. I may allow some areas of visible motion blur, but definitely not in the face. 
  • Do I have enough available light to achieve these camera settings? I should, unless there are very dark clouds.
  • Do I have enough strobe to achieve these settings? My flash will be used for effect-- to shape, highlight, dramatizes my subject. If there is sufficient daylight to expose him properly without extra lights, then I will probably use the flash as a backlight. If the available light is weak, then I will use the flash to properly expose my subject from the front. 
  • Are there any technical problems that will need to be addressed at the shoot or in post-production? Given that I will be attempting an action shot, I will need to control and manage the exposure and motion blur to the degree that I'm aiming for. 
  • What equipment will I need for the shoot?
    • my camera, a Canon 30D
    • camera lens: 17-85mm (canon kit lens)
    • fully-charged battery and backup;
    • memory cards (with space on them to shoot)
    • tripod
    • light meter
    • external drive
    • radio slave
    • synch cord for tethered shooting
    • 2 roller carts to carry equipment
    • laptop
    • synch cord for flash
    • 2 flash heads
    • 1 vagabond baterry
    • 1 split-power cord
    • 1 softbox
    • 1 reflector
    • 2 stands
    • grey card
    • location misc kit
    • snacks

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