Saturday, February 25, 2012

Environmental Portraiture

I chose Justin McKinney, an aspiring librarian, as my subject for the following portraits. Justin has a degree in English Literature and enjoys writing and performing comedy around Montreal.

f/14. ISO 200, 1/10sec
Available light only

f/5.6, ISO 200, 1/13sec
With silver reflector

f/4.5, ISO 400, 1/250sec
Off-camera flash, Split light pattern

I would imagine these photos being used alongside a short bio like on the Comedy Works website or in an interview/feature on LaughSpin

Some problems I encountered:
I did not have a light meter with me, so I used my camera meter when possible and guessed the rest of the time. However, I've decided to go ahead and invest in a light meter with my next paycheck!

At the start of my shoot, my camera froze a couple times and even made a disturbing, crunching sound that I had never heard before. I kept getting this strange error message telling me to shut off my camera and try again. After a couple times, I simply replaced the battery with a spare. After that, everything was fine and normal again. I'm so relieved that I had brought a backup battery with me, otherwise I would have had to completely re-schedule the shoot.

Several of my pictures were slightly out of focus because my zoom lens is getting a little old and worn. For some shots, I simply switched to manual focus.

Overall, the shoot went very well. At first, I was nervous, so I've concluded that in terms of preparation, I can't prepare enough! Every little bit of planning, preparing, scouting, checking and testing is useful and worthwhile. Justin was a great subject to shoot-- easy-going and patient. We had fun! I was also very fortunate to have Fiona Mak as an assistant. Although, I did not have a lot of equipment with me, it would have been more complicated and stressful to shoot and hold the external flash and/or the reflector/diffuser at the same time. Justin and Fiona both told me that I was clear and specific at giving directions. This was encouraging to hear!

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